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I've just found this forum and by reading some of the posts here, I can see that I have come to right place to ask my question.

Does anyone know if there is a program that can mix 4 mp3 files together into one file? I do not mean concatenate, but actually mix them together, for example if the input was 4 x 30second mp3 files, the output will be 1 x 30 second mp3 file.

Sequencers/DAWs like Cubase, Audacity, Cool Edit Pro etc have a function that do the job but I would like to automate the process by calling the program from a script and either pass paramters to the program via the script or use an xml file as the input. The parameters would be the filenames of the mp3s to be mixed, the volume and pan levels for each mp3 and the output filename) the output would be one file which is a mix of the 4 input files.

If there is not a program available all ready that can do the above, how easy would it be to write such a program using an encoder like LAME or even starting from scratch? I know that LAME can be run with parameters e.g. lame -resample lame -b etc. at the command line. Is it possible to write such a program?

Thanks for reading, any suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • hi,

    i think u can use acoustical software...

    but i'm not sure in that..

    try it if it works message me.. bye
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