sql help nedded

this query is spouse to ask the user to enter a room number and then copy the associated row into a table called history but it isnt doing any change please help me
INSERT INTO history_check_in_indevisuals ( reservation_num, room_number, guest_name1, guest_name2, guest_name3, guest_name4, passport_number, nationality, arrival_date, depature_date, telephone_num, address, email, emploee, room_type )
SELECT 'reservation_num', 'room_number', 'guest_name1', 'guest_name2', 'guest_name3', 'guest_name4', 'passport_number', 'nationality', 'arrival_date', 'depature_date', 'telephone_num', 'address', 'email', 'emploee', 'room_type'
FROM check_in_indevisuals
WHERE ['room_number']='1';
take into consideration that its an access database and in the check in table the room number is primary key and in the history table reservation number is the primary key , is it relationships or a code mistake , i tried every thing please help me
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