Is this possible?


I have a driver that encrypts all data from the hard disk, including the partition where Windows is installed.
At boot time, I get my key and algorithm from a USB Stick to be able to boot Windows.

Now the question. Is it possible to get this key and algoritms from the network. Is it possible to make a boot loader in ASM that does this?
If the answer is yes could you tell me in theory how this can be done?



  • it's possible, PXE does something similar:

    That's essentially booting from BIOS over a network anyway, which is similar to what you want to do. Problems I can see are that all network cards are slightly different, and there's a lot of overhead in just getting all the packet driver type code up in order to do your first read from the network card. If you swap network cards, you may break the whole process.

    I'm pretty network stupid, but I've always been interested in what it would take to initialize a network card from scratch, so I'd be willing to help you investigate this.

    There may be standards and even some sample linux code for PXE booting available-that's the first place I'd go.


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