DCOM for remote Windows; please help

Hi all,
This might be a naive question but I am unable to get this thing done.
I have already developed an ActiveX DLL so that I can call its methods from a VB project present on the same machine where I have registered my ActiveX DLL (as a COM component).
Now, I have to communicate between two Windows machines. I know that Distributed COM can serve my purpose. I found a MSDN tutorial and followed it accordingly. The only difference I found between COM and DCOM is that I had to package the client differently such that when I install the client on a machine I have to enter the server IP address.
But what I want is that I have to keep the client code as a section of a larger program (and not as an installation) and I want the server IP address to be kept as a user argument (and not enter it only once).

Thanks for any help.

P.S. Is there any other more effective way using which I can implement a client-server model between two Windows machine?
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