Trying to grab info off a SQL Server and display it

I am doing a VB project for school and im trying to grab s_id (student IDs, f_name (first name), and l_name(last name) i need these to display sumwhere on my program, my program takes the college student ID and uses it to log into a class that is in the database.
so far all i got is

Dim command1 As String = ""
Dim command3 As String = ""
Dim myConnection As SqlConnection
Dim myCommand As SqlCommand
Dim dr As SqlDataReader

myConnection = New SqlConnection("Data Source=IS250-SWIPESERV;Initial Catalog=card;Integrated Security=True")
myCommand = New SqlCommand("SELECT s_id, f_name, l_name.swipetime AS swipetimes FROM Student_Classes INNER JOIN Students ON Student_Classes.s_id = Students.s_id INNER JOIN Attendence ON Students.s_id = Attendence.cardnum INNER JOIN Schedules ON Student_Classes.crn = Schedules.crn INNER JOIN Rooms ON Schedules.r_id = Rooms.r_id where Schedules.crn = '" & command1 & "' and convert(char(10),getdate(),110) = convert(char(10),Attendence.swipetime,110)", myConnection)
dr = myCommand.ExecuteReader
While dr.Read()
Label5.Text = dr(0).ToString
End While

I am bad at best when it comes to VB.

Any help would be much appreciated
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