Tester - to test migration from Vb6 to .net

I am a tester - on a migration project and wanted to ask you programmers out there (in lamens terms) what issues I may come across - (or indeed need to think about) in testing the new code. I.e. what Test case scenario;s should I be thinking about (functional and Non functional) and test data environmental issues etc.


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I don't know if your still on t his project, but there is a load of things that will break on your way from VB6 to .Net

    Anything that deals with databases, grabbing / putting data needs to be thoroughly tested.

    Normally my first step to testing a migration is to flow out everything a user would do, and then test cases that don't follow that flow. I come from the standpoint of 90% of users are stupid and click around randomly. So I hit my programs hard in the unexpected fields.

    Your test cases are really going to be dependant on the style of software, is it MDi Forms? is it Database Driven? Does it interact with other files (flat or other)? Does it open / close more than one form? Does it save or open things?

    the Error handling in .Net is WAYYY better then 6. This is good and bad for the tester. Sometimes errors occur, but it is not apparant to the user (tester) because it was handled in code. As a developer I make a dev version that informs the user with detailed information whn a handled error occurs (unless it was an expected error that does not effect the flow).

    Hope this helps. There are several awesome articles on Migrating from 6 to .Net.
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