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I am a Manager at our local city pool and we still do all our records by hand on paper. I have coded a little in the past but mostly web apps and I am having a hard time getting through this one.

Brief overview of what I need :

I need to have a nice GUI that allows the user to input the customers ;

Name ( first and last )
Phone ( numbers )
Notes ( about the customer )
member status.

The member status I would like to have a check box that if there a member it automatically fills in the details above after there first and last name are entered or just have it double check a list of names that are members to verify. I hope this is understandable.

back to the program, I would like to export all of the data to a spread sheet via excel or other app.

Any help is appreciated and I could use some help getting started. Please anyone that has some spare time to help teach and code that would be great.
I don't have a lot of money to throw at this but if I were to get some useful help to complete this project I might be able to through some money in for helping.
dannyfancher - Aim

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