I NEED HELP on my assignment ,am new to VB.NET

HERE is my assingment below, please help me and derive for me the ALGORITHM, PSEUDOCODE , FLOWCHART, and a TRACE TABLE to prove it correctiveness.

[b]Eagle Airlines Uganda Ltd[/b] has just purchased a computer for its new automated reservations system.
The general manager has asked you to program the new system. You
are to write a program to assign seats on each flight to the airlines planes (capacity 10
-Your program should allow a customer to specify what class he wants (Economy or First class). If the person wants First class section he should be assigned seats 1-5 and for Economy, seats 6-10.
-Your program should print the boarding pass indicating the


  • How's that for a start?

    [code]Sub SomebodyHelpHim()
    If brains = vbNullString Then
    name = emjeff88
    end if
    End Sub[/code]
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