How do I build a func to drag-to-desctop-icon and launch the app?

Ok. I hope I am asking the question correctly. I have a (freeware) filedrop component that
I use regulary in my tools. I like the easy drag whatever-file-to-my-app feature I build into
my tools whenver they are loaded and running on the desktop.

But what is missing is the feature or ability to drag a file that is in a folder but onto the icon
that is on the destkop or folder. I know this is possible because there are some windows
applications that I use that do this. I would like to add this functionality in a few of my tools.
I am working on one now that definately requires this feature.

Is is possible that someone knows how I can build this into my app? ..demo source codeexamples?

As always, thank you all for your help,
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