Convolution problem


first post : )
anyway, I've been trying to figure out a way to do a convolution on an image in matlab.
So, there are like a billion ways of doing this thing in matlab. I decided to make two, but I'm hitting some rubble along the way.

First way: in the frequency domain:
the definition of a convolution says that if we convolve in the time domain, we could just multiply in the frequency domain. So this is part of my code...

[code]% Fourier:
foto(:,:,1) = fft2(foto(:,:,1));
foto(:,:,2) = fft2(foto(:,:,2));
foto(:,:,3) = fft2(foto(:,:,3));

% Convolution
foto(:,:,1) = foto(:,:,1) .* fft2(filt);
foto(:,:,2) = foto(:,:,2) .* fft2(filt);
foto(:,:,3) = foto(:,:,3) .* fft2(filt);

% Inverse fourier
foto(:,:,1) = ifft2(foto(:,:,1));
foto(:,:,2) = ifft2(foto(:,:,2));
foto(:,:,3) = ifft2(foto(:,:,3));[/code]

Ok, so, the problem I have here is that my filt and foto(:,:,x) matrix sizes don't fit, so it won't do the multiplication.

And the other method is just using for's in the t-domain, so I won't bore you out with that bit...

thx in advance.
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