Analyse images

well i have just encountered a problem while reading my assignment. i need some help on how to do this. the question is need to write a piece of software to analyse images of coins. can someone help me?


  • heh, you don't happen to go to the PIH do you? :)

    I can suggest something, but it's limited. Limited in the way that your program won't be able to adapt to zoom pretty well, and won't be able to figure out what money there is when it's just a pile of coins...

    Anyway, you start with taking pictures of all the seperate coins.
    Then you could take a black and white (not grayscale) of all your coin-images, you will now get black or white (depending on what you coded) circles.
    Do the same with the big image, the one that has all the coins in...
    Now you have one big image with a lot of circles in, and you have a couple of images with circles of a particular size in...

    You figure out the rest ;-)
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