Unhandle exception in DAO350.dll


I used mapobjects2.3 (ESRI product) to develop, In Application class
a error occur:

if (!ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo)) // error occur when run at this line
return FALSE;

The tip as follow:

press the firsr button, display the next tip as follow:

In fact in my paogram I use ADO to link my database not DAO. So I think that maybe mapobjects2.3 used dao350.dll. I had used regsvr32.exe
to regesit dao350.dll and Mo20.ocx, but it is no use. I had used GOOGLE
to search ,but I had not found the satisfactory resoult . How to solve this question?

My compile environment is :
Visual C++ 6.0 + sp 6, Windows XP sp2 (Simplified Chinese Version)

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