Problem with Deleting Nodes/Inserting Nodes

Okay. So heres my problem. I believe that my Delete Node and Insert Node Functions are correct, but I am getting runtime errors. My code compiles OKAY, but I think it's just what I am inputting into the Paramaters that are making it explode while I run it.

Here is my code, it's properly commented in case you have no idea what I'm doing at times.

[code]typedef int DATA;

typedef struct node {
struct node * next;
DATA digit; /* a digit of a number range 0-9*/

typedef struct {
struct node *head; /* the head of the list */
int size; /* number of elements in the list */

NODE *insertAfter(LIST_HEAD *list, NODE *p, DATA digit) {

/* Allocate Memory */
NODE *prev, *temp = (NODE *) malloc( sizeof(NODE) );

/* Check Memory Availability */
temp->digit = digit;

/* Insert into List */
temp->next = p->next;
prev = temp;

while(temp -> next != p) {
/* Prev points to the previous container */
prev = temp;
temp = temp -> next;


/* Increase the list size by 1 */
list -> size++;

return (p);

int deleteNode(LIST_HEAD *list, NODE *p, DATA *digit) {
/* Set containers */
NODE *temp, *prev;
/* Allocate Memory */
temp = (NODE *) malloc( sizeof(NODE) );

/* Delete the Pth container in the list */
temp = list->head;
prev = temp;

if (temp!=NULL) {

while(temp -> next != p) {
/* Prev points to the previous container */
prev = temp;
temp = temp -> next;
/* Set the prev container to next */
prev->next = temp->next;

/* Free temp's memory */

/* Decrease the list size by 1 */
list -> size --;

return 0;
else return 1;


int main() {
LIST_HEAD *newList = createList();
NODE digitTest;

NODE *sixthNode = insertAfter(newList, digitTest,5);
int del = deleteNode(newList, digitTest, 5)


Please Note: That I have truncated the function list, and main functions just down to the guts of my problem.

As you can see from the code above, I have no idea if what I am inserting into the parameters of the functions are correct, and if my functions are correct, as I'm getting runtime errors as previously stated.

I hope to get answers, and thanks.
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