DataGridViews and Textboxes...

So I am making an application for a [b]MAJOR[/b] project using VB Express 2008. I want to use a DataGridView for my data, and write it to a text file. However, the writer variable:

[color=Blue]Dim x as StreamWriter ("location of temporary text file here")[/color]
[color=Blue]Dim y as StreamReader ("location of original file here")[/color]
[color=Blue]Dim z as String [/color]

is writing the name of the column and not the data written inside the cells under the column.

[color=Blue]Do While y.Peek() >-1
z = y.ReadLine()
x.Writeline (z)

[color=Blue]x.Writeline (DataGridViewColumn1.)

So my real problem is: How do I find the location of the cell itself and there is no Text property to the DataGridView textbox cell, although it can display text (string type data). I am seeing other properties such as "Name", "SelectedCell","HeaderCellText" etc...None will enable the variable to write the data in the textbox cell..What do I do...I'm stuck..
... [b]HELP PLEASE!!![/b]
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