data base programmer help needed, possible money exchange

I am looking for someone who can build me (or help me build) a data base application.

The data base will get its data uploaded to a web site from a VB program. the data base can be hosted on the web page, as long as it can be secure, not visible or accessible by anyone. I don't have this knowledge, if it is more secure somewhere else then there.

The data base needs to be a sequential type. for example; when the 1st person uploads their data, it is put in the number 1 spot. when number 2 person uploads there data it is compared to person 1 and then stuck into the 2nd data slot. if there are matches in the data then the data is pulled out and emailed to me. if no matches were found then nothing happens. when the 3rd person uploads their data it is compared to the 1st, 2nd and stuck in the 3rd slot. if it has data matches for either of the other uploaded data then it is emailed... and so on and so on. if the 500th person uploads his data, it is compared to 1st thru 499th data and stores in 500th slot.this way every data entry is compared no matter when the data arrives.

The uploads are time sensitive and will expire after 1 year and no longer be compared to the new uploads. One person can have multiple uploads, there for the ID tags of the uploads are tied to a data number give to each upload by the database.

The data base can be simple (no beauty needed). needs to hold a lot of records (slots), and each data upload is probably 2k max in size (the survey is about 200 questions long)

The data base needs to be able to compare the answers and match up the questions so that I can get a comparison to what most people answer.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Dean Rogers
I am in Las Vegas, Nevada. if you are also we can meet.

I need someone that is pretty good at data base programming and willing to do it for free. I say free because I cant pay upfront. but I can pay a commission when the program is put in place. I apologize if the program doesn't take off. But on the other hand if it does it could pay pretty good for you. Basically if your willing to help me for free, then I would greatly appreciate your help. And if things go well I would like to compensate you for your help. I helped a friend remodel his house for free, he sold the house 4 years later and gave me a check for helping him get more money out of his house. it was nice because I was not looking or expecting anything for my help. I am looking for that kind of help. Hopefully only a month or two for you to see something back however.

I am willing to fill out a contract if you need one.
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