Converting this code to support Windows 98

Hey there everyone..
I'm pretty new in this forum and also with Assembly, to be honest I haven't programmed anything in Assembly.
I'm a VB Programmer and I work with some C/C++
But well that's not the reason I'm here hehe.

On the forum I work at one of our old staff members released a DLL for the community to help them.
What the DLL does is, encrypt the data that has been input with XTEA Encryption, and then inject itself into the process of the game and then hook the winsock send function and send the encrypted data through it.

The problem is the DLL isn't compatible with Windows 98, and the creator of the DLL has retired sometime ago.
It would be of great help if anyone of you could help me on making this DLL Windows 98 compatible.

I'm attaching the source code of the project.

Thank you
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