printer ports

I know how to send data out of a printer port. I can make little LEDs glow, but, how can I record data coming in, and, what pins on the printer port do this. I

intend on using this function within an external C++ routine.


  • Wouldn't this be a question for the C++ board?

    Anyway, I'd imagine you could do it with the IOSTREAM

    functions, streaming input and output from LPT1.

    It's worth noting that not all ports are bidirection,

    i.e. some are write only. I'd suggest getting a book on

    hardware for reading the actual pins from the ports, etc.

    If you just want the port numbers, go to Control Panel,

    System, and click on the device driver for the LPT port.

    The last page on it's driver menu should list the resources

    used, which will include the port number.


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