Quote Needed for Word Macro Work

Client has a qty of of docs which go together to make up an instruction folder, so first thing I need to be able to edit the docs list in an array within the macro. doc1.doc, doc2.doc, doc3.doc, as the list may change from time to time.

These documents need to be printed in the order of the array to make up a complete instruction folder but with the added complication that the clients' customer's details need to be mailmerged into the document to make the printed folder contents personalised.

To do this I suggest an input form where the user can complete the field values to be merged into the document then press a button to set the print run off.

Another additional tweak that might be better is to copy each of the minidocs into one big doc before printing which preserves the personalisation so the whole thing can be saved as a unique doc (save as) and reprinted if required again. Or could then be printed as one big pdf to preserve integrity of the contents.

Let me know if you can do this and what you would charge? Also a timescale as to when it could be completed would be useful?
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