Connecting 2 Motherboards toghether??


A friend of mine told me about his 12 year old neighbor kid, some kind of computer

genius... He said he was hooking 2 motherboards together, using one as a slave

coprocessor, and he was able to boot a computer with WIN NT in like 4 seconds!!

Does anyone know how to use a second motherboard as a coprocessor?? Any

useful websites on this type of work??

Thank you!


  • You are actually talking about two things - one is the ability of Windows NT to run with a dual CPU system (not a complete and independant mother board). The other thing you are talking about is a second CPU board used as a co-processor. Co-processor boards are simply independent systems that communicate back to the host system by some method such as dual port RAM or Back-To-Back UARTS. A company I used to work for has such an item (which I had used on many projects). Their web site is:

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