GetWindowLong Api not working


I am Using Win32api in C# to get the job done
I am also Creating Threads in this application Actually it is only one thread

Here is the summary:-

Main Programm Thread Executes the programm untill it reaches a
place in the code where it has to click a buton on the internet explorer page
Clicking that Opens a dialogbox ASking wheather i want to save open the file or cancel the
dialog box.
At this click Programm breaks into two
1) Main Programm Thread
2) Addtional thread i make to proccess dialog boxes

I have made extra thread because Downloading and browsing on internet
Takes time. so internet stuff is dealt with this thread
once it has fetched what i want; it closes internet explorer and
Main Application thread Figures out the Information i want and displays it.

Brothers proccessing this dialog box and others that will follow it would be
done by this extra thread.

Now it handles well :-
Sort of thing which goes in this thread is like this

1) string NameOfTheButtonToClick = "Close" // or anything;

FindtheButtonInTheDialogBox (NameOfTheButtonToClick ); Is fOund
if Found Exist Loop

Enums All The Child Windows Of the dialogBox
That Internet Explorer Dispalys
FOr that it passes the EnumChildWindowsProc Address To EnumChildWindows Win32APi Function


EnumChildWindowsProc( )

When it finds the window with the given TExt
Found = true
I make it click it In DIalog Box


Once the file has been downloaded from INternet Explorer The programm has to
Display the INformation that i have programmed it to does it well

Problem is this
i order to put this FIlename in save dialog box i am using Sendkeys.
ANd you know Sendkeys needs the Place to be in focus That brings the limitation to
it.that i cant do anything else when it has to happen

using WM_char with SendMessage has the same problem of focus
Wm_SETTEXT does not work on it while WM_GETTEXT works well
I was thinking if WM_SETTEXT has been disabled or what
in order to do that i wanted to get the wndproc address
and use my wndproc to proccess this dialog box messages

but Getwindowlong is not working and neither setwindowlong

[DllImport("User32", CharSet = CharSet.Auto,SetLastError = true)]
unsafe public static extern System.IntPtr GetWindowLong (
System.IntPtr hWnd,
System.Int32 nIndex

) ;

i have even tried
[DllImport("User32", CharSet = CharSet.Ansi, SetLastError = true)]
unsafe public static extern System.IntPtr GetWindowLongA(
System.IntPtr hWnd,
System.Int32 nIndex


System.IntPtr WinProc1 =
GetWindowLongA( HwndDlg ,
) ;

What is wrong

caution: this is not app it is simple desktop app dealing with few internet stuff ; i am not that smart


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