I want to learn EC++, plz help me!

Actually, I have programming experience in c/c++.
And I heard that, EC++ is faster than c/c++ and its coding is same as in c/c++.

For Programming in C++, I use Turbo C++ compilor,,
1)Which type of IDE(or which compilor)is used for programming in EC++.
and how can I get it?

2)N simply....how can i learn it?

Plz help me.....!


  • EC++ is not a language in itself, it is just C++ with restrictions. So all you need is a common C++ compiler, though some compilers have support to slap you on the fingers if you accidently use parts of C++ which you shouldn't use.

    In EC++, your program can't contain templates, ABCs, RTTI etc. So the key to learning it is to understand what parts of C++ that are inefficient, simple as that.

  • For more detail, you might want to read this document: http://www.caravan.net/ec2plus/rationale.html

    In a way, the Embedded C++ Standard is similar to the MISRA standard for C. Both standards take the position that the safest thing to do is to exclude anything that might possibly cause a problem for a programmer with minimal skills and experience. The reality is that you can do more, if you carefully analyze the effects and account for the impact on your application. To accomplish this, you need experience in embedded applications programming. The primary intent of the Embedded C++ standard is to remove practices that can potentially reduce the determinism of the application or waste precious memory space.

    If you intent is to write PC applications that run faster, you certainly might learn some tricks by studying embedded programming, but I think you'd get pretty frustrated trying to use the Embedded C++ Standard, since it takes away most of the tools c0ommonly used in PC applications. This means that you also cannot link with most libraries designed for use in PC programs. ( Of course, these libraries are generally useless for embedded applications anyway, so embedded programmers don't care. )

    If you're really interested in embedded programming, search for "Technical Report on C++ Performance" on the internet. There are several versions available of documents with this title.

  • Speaking of MISRA, they are releasing a C++ standard any day now. It might be a better choise to learn than EC++, as MISRA-C++ will likely a wide acceptance in the industry.
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