Urgently wanted: Java programmers

[b]Brief description:[/b]
We are a newly founded independent game developer team, and have a uniqe type FPS in development.


[b]Target aim:[/b]
Our business plan is to release our game over Steam which has a huge and popular community and great advertisment methods. (This way we can avoid the costs of hard copy publishing but still can reach a large community of gamers.)


As we are an independent game developer team and do not operate under the terms of a company, we can not offer payment or compensation until the game is sold. Although I can offer payment after we successfully earn profit.

Recently we've decided that we will use the jMonkeyEngine as the engine of our game. It is a free, open source, non license limited engine, that uses the Java language, which makes it a platform-independent base for our game.


[b]Talent needed:
- Java programmers (urgent!)
- 3D modellers and/or animators[/b]

And are always looking for talents form the below listed fields:
- Mod development (Any engine / game)
- Programming, coding (Java)
- 3D modelling / animation
- Concept art, art design
- Graphics art, texture art
- Map / level design
- Music composition
- Sound / effects creation and manipulation

[b]Team structure:[/b]
Game designer (me)
Level designer
Music composer
Concept artist
3D modeller

[b]Further details and contacts:
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