VBA Microsoft Access 2003

I am trying to copy over a cool Northwind database form [Employees] (where you can remove and add employee pictures) to a Database I am working on. I want to have the same feature of being able to choose an employee and be able to add/remove their picture.
I copied over the table [Employees] and form [Employees] and the form opens up fine, but when I try to select another record or I click the "Add/Change" button, the code errors "Variable not defined." The "Sub getFileName()" is highlighted in yellow and the line of code "With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)" has the "(msoFileDialogFilePicker)" highlighted in blue.
I am a beginner with VBA. Can anybody please help with suggestions on how to get the forms to work on my database. Thank you very much.
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