Art Team Looking for programmer for game project


A small art team and myself are about to begin development on a small game project, and are looking a dedicated programmer to help bring our ideas to fruition, this is a completely non-commercial production and no money is being made we are just looking to get some hands on experience and create a fun game.

please if you are intrested reply to this so we can talk more about the project.

Thanks for Reading


P.S. I apologize if i have posted in the wrong area of the forums and am not intending to break any rules and if i have im sorry.


  • Well thats nice. But tell me first what kind of game would be that, and when you refer "Art team" is that name of your programing studio or it is a guys who would do the artwork. I am not some kind of a pro but since my bigest problem is art and you have art team i would like to help you.

    And sorry for my bad english
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