Getting Format from CTime AM/PM

Hello there,

I'm new in MFC and still learning. I'm trying to get a correct format from the CTime::GetCurrentTime() and was not able to get the AM or PM. After keep on searching, i don't have any more clues on how to do this. Currently with this syntax taken from the previous recommendation from here, i would able to have the format to get like this.. but no AM/PM..

Can anyone please help?

CTime today = CTime::GetCurrentTime();
CString stime;
stime.Format("%02d/%02d/%04d %2d:%02d:%02d",today.GetDay(),today.GetMonth(),today.GetYear(),today.GetHour() %12,today.GetMinute(),today.GetSecond());

Results as below
12/02/2008 3:29:59


  • I believe GetHour() gives you an hour in military time (been a while). Did a quick 12 hour offset calc to determine am or pm.

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