Five Dependant List boxes

Hellow Everybody,
I have six Hirarichal tables linked as (one to many relationship), I want to create a form with six drop down lists,
First table contains all data in the list box,
second list box should retrieve records on behalf of selection of first list box (accept the selected value and show matching records in second table and so on) upto six leve.

It is a basically Heads upto six level with one to many relationships. (A Budget Database)
Hope to hear y people soon.


  • what you can do is filter the comboboxes based on a parent combobox value

    combo0 [parent]
    rowsource = SELECT lastname FROM table1;

    combo2 [child]
    rowsource = SELECT table2.firstname FROM table2 WHERE (((table2.lastname)=forms.form1.combo0.value));

    the key is the WHERE clause which matches a value in the table for the child-combo to a selected value in the parent-combo.
    you can cascade this idea to all lower level combos.
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