BattleStone (Isometric RPG)

Hey guys, I'm recruiting team members for a project I've been working on for a while. Send me an email if you're interested in joining.

[b]Team name:[/b]

[b]Project name: [/b]
Brief description: [/b]
The game is a 2D Japanese style turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world. (Think Breath of Fire, Suikoden I or II, early Final Fantasy)

The story is revolves around an on going war between humans and elves, and an ancient ruin known as the BattleStone. The stone was found during the last 100 years of the war, when the current emperor was on his campaign in the heart of the Elven homeland. Since then a cease-fire has been called, and the people enjoy a temporary piece. The stone is now in hands of the emperor's top mages, who research franticly trying to unlock the secrets behind its' crystal walls. Ark, a young soldier in the imperial army, is about to be assigned a new mission, one that will change his life forever.

[b]Target aim: [/b]
Freeware or shareware.

Home brewed engine

None. Sorry, this is volunteer work for the time being.

[b]Talent needed: [/b]
2D artists
2D animators
C++ Programmers
Engine programmers
Level builder programmers
Game editor programmers (Familiar with and GDI+)

[italic](Programmers: A good knowledge of C++ is necessary. In addition, they should be familiar with DirectX, Win32 functions, and possibly the .NET framework (although that one's not necessary)[/italic]

Check [link=][/link] for more information.

Map Test: [/b] [link=][/link]

[b]Additional information: [/b]
I've been working on the idea for a few years now. I have written over 170 pages of dialog for the game (which is about 90% complete), along with a design document. I have put a lot of time and effort into this idea, so I am very series about it.

(for additional information check the forum [link=][/link] )

[b]Website: [/b]
Contacts[/b] (please title the subject battlestone):



More at: [link=][/link]

New flash demo: [/b] We're changing the battle view from the isometric perspective to a more view. The rest of the game will still be isometric, just not the battles.

[link=][/link] (6.19MB)-- Doesn't seem to work unless you download it (right click / save as )

Old flash demon: [link=][/link]

Playable Battle demo: This is a prototype build of the battle system our programmer put together (it's a little outdated, but our new one isn't done yet). It has some graphical issues and there aren't any sound effects yet, but it's fully playable.

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