Motion Tracking Auto Turret

source code:
comcast wont allow .rar (because they suck) so you have to right-click save page as and rename to .rar. i tested this twice and it works fine.

this motion detector has 2 filters, edges and rectangles. this is concerning the edges filter only, it compares two bitmaps (converted to grayscale), gets a list of x and y coordinates, and draws tiny rectangles at each coordinate which represent the difference between the 2 images (motion).

problem 1:
what i've been trying to do for a week now is create a method that takes that same x and y coordinate list, draws a rectangle of a different color on the AVERAGE of the coordinate list. it essentially creates a single target representing the average location of motion and displays it along with the original edges filter.

problem 2:
once that is done the next step would be to output that target coordinate to a mini-SSC servo controller (translated to servo angles) that the user would calibrate in a user interface.
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