ISR for timer1 in cc2430

Hi people,

Started doing interrupt programming for my cc2430 project, and i think i've done all the config stuff with the timer1 register for example put it to free-running,tick freq. divider etc. and in my ioCC2430.h file the following interrupt vector is associated with Timer1:

#define T1_VECTOR VECT(9,0x4B ) /* Timer 1 (16-bit) Capture/Compare/Overflow */

so my code is like:
void main()
T1CTL = 0x0E; /* tick_freq/128 -> 32M/128, Free-running mode */
T1CCTL0 = 0x44; /* set output on compare, compare mode, no capture */
T1CC0H = 0xEA;
T1CC0L = 0x60; /* compare 60,000 for example */

OVFIM =1; /* Timer 1 Overflow Interrupt Mask */
T1IE = 1; /* Timer 1 Interrupt Enable */

SO WHAT'S THE INTERRUPT SERVICE ROUTINE when the interrupt occurs?

I couldn't find it anywhere!
p.s. i'm using IAR Workbench


  • Hi,
    I'm also interested in your question.
    Did you get de answer??

  • Hey do u know how to make a delay in the output of cc2430... I mean i want to just implement some code like sleep for so an so seconds just in the middle of the code... Or defining a code for sleep and calling it whenever required... Even i use IAR Workbench.... Please help me out...
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