VBA in Excel

Hi there,

I am a baby developer and i have a project assigned to me at work which I would appreciate some help with. Basically I have two excel spreadsheets. One has raw text and number data regarding project times and stages, the second is a visual interpretation of this data using little images. At the moment the transfer of the data in the 1st spreadsheet into images on the second is done manually and the project is to make it automated. What i need to do is take the information from the raw data excel sheet and convert that into 1) a date 2) a picture.

My main problem is this: How on earth do i go about putting these little images onto the second spreadhsheet? At the moment it's manually copy/pasted, is there a way that VBA can do this without me having to try and tell it to copy/paste?

If anyone has any tips as to how i should think methods wise with this program, and any tips on the sorts of things VBA can offer me to help me code this then i would really like that. As i said, i'm a trainee developer and i know very little so please try to keep it relatively simple!

Thanks everyone,

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