pascal to C# conversion

a friend of mine wants me to take over one of his projects, but all his source code is in pascal...i am a long time programmer...but i have never used pascal, lots of others(java, html, c, c++, javascript, basic, vb, and netware login scripting) i dont really want to take the time to re-write the whole i was wondering if anyone knows a decent converter that could give me a jump on this...

any help would be good


  • If you couldn't find a C# translator...
    Maybe you can use a C translator and fix the output.

    Pascal to C translator

    Pascal to C translator
    P2c is a tool for translating Pascal programs into C. The input
    consists of a set of source files in any of the following Pascal
    dialects: HP Pascal, Turbo/UCSD Pascal, DEC VAX Pascal, Oregon Software
    Pascal/2, Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Pascal, Sun/Berkeley Pascal,
    Texas Instruments Pascal, Apollo Domain Pascal. Modula-2 syntax is also

    Output is a set of .c and .h files that comprise an equivalent program
    in any of several dialects of C. Output code may be kept machine and
    dialect-independent, or it may be targeted to a specific machine and
    compiler. Most reasonable Pascal programs are converted into fully
    functional C which will compile and run with no further modifications,
    although p2c sometimes chooses to generate readable code at the expense
    of absolute generality.

    [red]Good luck![/red]
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