How To Programmatically Click The LI element

Dear Brothers And Sisters

I am Making a Programm in vC# 2005
I am Automating My Email On yahoo Mail.
But When i try To Click Sign Out ( programmatically).
It Clicks My Email id That Is Displayed To Its left Side.

How Can This Be Acommplished Every Thing is going on well
But for the Sign out.
Here is what i do to get it clicked

public static void ClickSignOut()

object Doc = null ;
object x = null ;

Doc = InternetExplorerApp.Document ;

if ( DocumentCompleted == true )

if ( Doc != null )

x = ((mshtml.HTMLLIElementClass)((mshtml.HTMLDocument)Doc).getElementById("ygmagrtlinks"));
if (((mshtml.HTMLLIElementClass)x).innerText == "Sign Out")



The Code Might Appear Hotch - potched That is Because i dont know
how to indent it on this Editor.Why Is There no Horizontal Scroll on it.
Well see if you can make out something of it.

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