Using custom COM interfaces without registering - is it possible?

I have a problem with COM DLL's.

I want to create a portable application (entirely in unmanaged C++) which will work of USB drive. Also I need to be sure that the program will run even if current Windows is limited (has no rights to install anything).

My app needs some custom COM interfaces (to be more specific - the link to the dll:

The problem is that as far as I know to be able to use such a COM dll, it needs to be registered with regsvr32 but as my app will possibly run in a limited user environment, it seems, I will not be able to register my DLL at the start of the session and unregister it later.

Could you, please, suggest something (I have no time nor skills to rewrite that IAccessible2 dll to be implemented otherwise not as COM, but if could create some wrapper if it will solve the problem)?

I have found an article from MS:

has anyone experience with it? Can it help me?
If anyone have succeeded in using custom COM interfaces without registering the DLL, I would be really grateful for an advice or links.

And Happy New Year
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