Win32 sound program written for command line?

Need help getting started with a small development project for writing to a sound device in windows:

I've got a need to write a stream of bytes (8-bit samples) to windows audio output port. These bytes will arrive in UDP datagrams (rather than a file), as this is part of an audio-over-LAN experiment. I expect to develop the UDP datagram receiver as part of this, but I want to start with the sound device interface because finding a development environment (compiler/linker) with sound device library API seems like the critical path.

From the UDP datagrams, I receive a stream of raw audio samples (each 8 bits unsigned) that I want to send to a windows sound device, so I need to develop a program that opens the windows default sound device, sets it to 8 bit samples at a given sample rate (say 8000 Hz), and let me write sample bytes to the device.

IMPORTANT - I don't need a GUI at all - in fact the ideal solution would be a program written in C or C++ that can be compiled and run from the windows command line. I am thinking this would make the overall application simpler, as I don't want to delve into Windows GUI application development for this experiment.

I also do not have a development system (compiler/linker) in mind yet, but would need one for this purpose. I've got my trivial application working in linux (using one of the alsa utilities, 'aplay', as my starting point.) If there was something like 'aplay' for windows (I realize alsa itself is not part of windows, so the similarity would end there), that would be ideal.

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