ECAROcon 2008


APRIL 19 and 20!!!
Save the Date!
THE FIRST ANNUAL ECAROcon (Extra-curricular Computer Art Organization Convention)

ECAROcon 2008 is a conference that brings together students and professionals
in the industries of Computer Art, Computer Animation, Computer Gaming, Software
Design, Computer Engineering and many other artistic and computer-related fields.
Modeled loosely after major technology and computer art conferences, this conference will bring the industry back to the people and the students. In recent years the number of computer art, graphics and gaming conferences open to the public has declined, and we hope to create an affordable, worthwhile conference that is targeted at students and industry professionals alike. Hosted in Syracuse, New York, by ECARO, with the support of Syracuse University, we are bringing the industry to you through exhibits, workshops, speakers, debates, live performances, and demo reels all at an extremely affordable admission cost. Held at the Convention Center at Oncenter in downtown Syracuse, there will no doubt be plenty of space for all, and all are welcome!

ECAROcon will play host to many companies in multiple industries that share the common bond of art in technology. Running April 19th to the 20th ECAROcon's invite list includes all the major companies from around the world. These companies will exhibit everything from demos of their newest games and animations to the cutting edge of technology, they are also always on the lookout for up-and-coming new talent. Come and join the fun and who knows maybe your work will be displayed at ECAROcon 2008!

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