Input numeric in assembly Linux and DOS

Hi every professional ,
I am newbie in the assembly language and until now I do not know how to input the number data type in the pure assembly langauge . I do not embedded it in C++ . In Dos environment , input ah 1 for char , ah 9 for string , ah 40 for file . But i do not know for number yet . And in Linux it is more quite troublesome with eax and edx . But i do not know how to input number either .
Any professional can help me .
Thank you and have nice weekend .


  • [color=Blue]I do not understand this question. What is "input ah is 1 for char"? To put the value into a register simply use MOV instruction:
    MOV AH, 40h
    Please rephrase the question. Explain what program are you writing.
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