IIS becomes non-responsive after circa 1300 connections

I'm using JMeter to test out a website that we're in the process of improving.

The site uses ASP 3.0 (no plans and no time for switching to ASP.NET at the present), uses an MS SQL-Server on a separate machine and runs on IIS 6.0 on a Windows 2003 Server SP2 machine.

When I run my JMeter-test it spins along pretty quickly for about 1300 samples then it completely freezes at which point the site isn't accessible via a webbrowser either. After about a minute or so it "comes back" and continues to spin for another 1300 samples, then it freezes up again. And so it goes. It basically freezes up for 1-2 minutes every 1300 samples.

During these freezes the site is not accessible from my browser, the database however is still as responsive as always. This leads me to believe that the problem lies in IIS.

I'm far from an IIS professional so I basically have no idea how to trouble-shoot this. So I'm asking you guys, what could be the problem and what tools can use or what can I do to remedy it?

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  • Check the task manager for any wierd CPU or memory usage spikes?

    Perhaps you run out of memory? Due to too many open sessions for example.
    Tore Nestenius
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