Need advice to Port COM in Linux

Hi all
I am assigned a task which is to port a windows project into linux. I am relatively new to the porting concept. However I find this as interesting. But to my wonder I don


  • many replies here[img=null]!
  • WINE is not windows emulation. It is an attempt at implementing windows api's in Linux, thus programs that use windows api's could run under Linux at natively (not using emulation, which needs considerable overhead, whereas programs using wine should run at native speed, if you know what I mean)

    COM is native to Windows. It is not available under Linux, I can't comment on wine's implementation of any COM components as I have never used wine or COM, so I am guessing that your best option is to completely port your program to Linux (and forget COM), preferably using standardise C or C++, which would make it easier to port to other OSes.

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask (I know a reply took some time but I don't check this site very much any more because the boards that I have an interested are VERY quiet)


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