Enrolled in colledge to take CB6 got VB.Net Instead

I went to take a course in VB6 and when I cot my books they were on VB.net
I have VB4 but it doesn't seem to work right in XP Home. I have proted half an existing DOS program to vb4 but it has a lot of Kludges. Will I be wasting my money if I take this class in VB.net? All I'm trying to do is re-write a program I wrote in Basic PDs . Could I use my new basic vb4 files as a start to VB.net? I would like to go to vb6 but it is so Ungodly expensive. Am 78 years OLD(No Kidding). Thank Uou in advance.Howard Colbourne.


  • Hi,

    VB.NET is the "latest thing", and that's been the case for quite a while. In some ways, classic VB was more dynamic and maybe more fun. Cost wise, you can get VB.NET Express for free as a download:

    And the free (Express) edition will let you do all sorts - you can go a long way with it. I hack on this very website (written mostly in C#) and do so using the express edition on my not exactly modern laptop and it doesn't feel like I'm missing out on all that much compared to the expensive Professional editions of Visual Studio. (In fact, Express Edition runs so much faster it really irks me!)

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