Using Search and Replace in DBGrid

I am working on an application that performs a Query on a Table full of values extracted from a set of documentation. Each Record in the Table has a Field Named "TEXT". Table is a Paradox Table and I am using BCB 6.0.

I perform the Query and display the results in the DBGrid.

Now I want to be able to prompt for a Search Text and replace every value in the Query in the "TEXT" Field. I also want to be able to have the user be able to confirm the replacement of each match that it finds.

The matching and replacement works ok if I use a seperate TEdit Box and put the contents of the "TEXT" Field in it and use the TEditBox Select Text methods to hi-light the text the program will replace while confirming from the user.

Ok, so what I want to do is to be able to do this in the DBGrid as apposed to doing this in a seperate TEdit Box. Is there a way of setting the Text in the DBGrid for the active Record and show the Selected Text (Which maybe a sub string of the Text in the Field) as Selected?

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