Cant Use Tab Button and else

Hello all Delphi warrior,...

I ve been writing code in delphi for 3 years. recently i just entering Dynamic DLL area. a lot of funs and problems raising in this new toy. but the one frustrated me most is this,

i use
"(form in dyn DLL).parentwindow := Twincontrol(form in DLL Caller).handle"

to make my forms in dll stick in my main form in the myApp.exe.
when i press tab button in this sticked forms, i m hoping the cursor will jump to next control that has bigger taborder, but nothings is happen. the active control lost its focus, the cursor gone i dont know where. yet i try other solution using onkeydown event and using arrow button to make my client happier. but....
just this week, all the arrow button just had the same problem as tab button. eventhought i m not using any code, not in keypress not in keydown just none. but when an edit or memo or their descendant get focus then i press any arrow button, the cursor is gone, lost focus....

this really stress me, i search the net to find solution, then here i m, begging to all delphi warriors to help me.... pls tell me
1. why cant i get my tab button work?
2. how to get it work?
3. what happen to my arrow buttons, is it the samething happen?

thk you very much for any comments...
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