Reserved Error (-1613)

Has anyone received this error while trying to make a partial replica? And if so, could you please let me know what your experience was? So far, I cannot find any satisfactory answer to this. When I think I've cured it, it comes back. Is it related to the size of the partial replica? Is there a limit on the size of partial replicas? Does anyone even know what this error means? I have completely updated this Office XP so far. That doesn't seem to be helping. I have found references to this on various online forums, but they are all ancient history, and not one of them has a single response that offers any information whatsoever. I'm completely stumped. And it's killing me.


  • If validation rules on your tables are not met by some data in your partial replica dataset, you might get this error. Alternatively, you will end up with a blank partial replica. Once I got that, I discovered my problem. A number field was validating on >= current year. Older data in the database no longer met that criteria. Rather than tell me that, Access/Jet was either saying:

    Error 3000: There is no message for this error. Reserved error (-1613)

    or simply delivering the empty partial replica. Let this be a lesson to you: validate on your forms, not your tables.
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