remote, terminal or domain???

I've got a server running Windows 2003 standard and several XP pro workstations. Now, it has been set up so that a user can log onto any one of the workstations and access their personal documents, email, settings etc. I need to add another XP pro workstation and a new user as well. I'm pretty much new to networking. How do I know if I'm set up for terminal services or as a domain or using a remote setup. When I tried to add a new user in the Active directory the logon name was "". and when setting up the access in the Member of tab again I found something which leads me to believe it is setup as a domain: "servername.Local/Users". However when I attempted to log on the new user I was told that a roaming file was not found for the user. Does this mean that the workstatins are set up to use roaming profiles? I'm really confused and the more I read the more confused I get. Just need a push in the right direction. Thank you.
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