need c/c++ program to read rtf file's text in linux

Hi all
I need to read a program in c/c++ in linux which shall read rtf file text and then informs me the information about the fonts properties of the text in rtf file. Can anyone tell me how to do that.. does any library exists for this that I may use.
Also can any one tell me that in linux which library is common or useful to work with fonts


  • Ok I understand now about the rich text stuff.
    Now one more thing that I am feeling I need to know is about the Font Metrics. In windows we can get Font Metrics information through the device context object and other Win API functions.
    But In Linux how can I get Font Metrics. Also the Font Metrics Attributes will be same or different on windows and Linux. I mean character size, spacing, height, width etc of the given font (say any ttf) will be same on both OS or there can be difference.
    During searching I have found QFontMetrics class of QT library. I am reading it now but want to know if any body has used it before or may be familiar with this class may tell me if I am reading right class. Also there is a Free Type library .. any one know about this library. I havnt explored it yet but if someone know this library then I ask him to le me know if this is more suitable library to use for Font Metrics on Linux.

    Also I need to know that does Linux have its own native API's for this purpose or it depends on these libraries.
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