How to gain control of a Propertyt Page in a Wizard - MFC

I am developing a Wizard with multiple pages. On each page there are between 8-12 EditBoxes. There is nothing else on the pages besides the instructions for each EditBox and the EditBox themselves.
My problem is how do I get control of the page once the User has selected AND entered data into one of the EditBoxes? Since the User is not required to use any of the EditBoxes no tab controls was used on layout. Let say the User selected the 5th EditBox on page 2. (IDC_TIRE, CPage2). Since you cannot have a "OnCommand" function on a Property Page I cannot provide a function for the page to jump to when IDC_TIRE is selected and used by the User. How do I do it? is my question. ON_EN-SETFOCUS would let me know that IDC_TIRE was selected, but that function's last provided statement is a "return". ("Return" to where I have no idea.) the same for ON_EN_KILLFOCUS.
How do I get the data? Please include useable code showing how in your response. Thanks.

Larry A Mills Sr

A C++ Programming novice, but striving to learn
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