Consistent posting policies for the C/C++ boards

I have now updated all the C/C++ boards so that they now have the same policies. They used to be rather individual because they were once user-created boards. The policies are:

1.) Only post C or C++ related messages.
2.) Nothing ethnically, racially, or verbally offensive.
3.) All code should be inside the [leftbr]code[rightbr], [leftbr]/code[rightbr] tags.
4.) No job offers on this messageboard. Use the Job Messageboard for that.
5.) Don't ask us to do your job / homework for you. Please either ask a specific question or post the code you are having trouble with.
6.) Please avoid using subjects such as 'HELP!' and 'newbie question'. A descriptive subject like 'When starting Xwindows I get error "xyz"' will probably get attention a lot sooner.

These are no definite rules, but guidelines of proper posting on the C/C++ forums, which are all moderated. A poster breaking the policies may or may not get their post deleted/edited, depending on how offensive the post is. Posts that are off-topic will always be moved or deleted.

Apart from that, Programmer's Heaven's general policies apply:

"Messages that are off-topic, racist, sexist, insulting or contain or link to illegal content will be deleted. This includes anything that is a violation of copyright law. Note that a discussion about virus development, for example, is fine if it is on-topic on the forum in question since it is simply discussion of something that could be used in an illegal manner but equally could be used by someone building virus detection technology. It is fine to understand how a crime is committed, but it is wrong to plot illegal activity or carry it out on the forum."


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