Need to create view with NULL values as 0

Dears All,
I have database Access2000

I have a table 'classMast' with fields

and I have a view(vwStudDetailsInCurSession) which has fields
className Gender
1 Female
1 Male
1 Male
2 Male
3 Female
4 Male
5 Female
Note that className = 2 and 4 does not have female students
Now I want to create a view joining both 2 table & view. so that all the classes should count girls even if they don't have female students(Should be shown as 0)

my query

SELECT classMast.className, Count(vwStudDetailsInCurSession.gender) AS CountOfgender
FROM classMast LEFT outer JOIN vwStudDetailsInCurSession ON classMast.className = vwStudDetailsInCurSession.className
WHERE (((vwStudDetailsInCurSession.gender)='Female'))
GROUP BY classMast.className;

it shows only the classes which has females but I want to display all the classes with CountOfgender = 0 where femeales are not there.

thanks in advance
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