I'm using crystal report and vb6. how can i change the connection properties of the crystal report in vb6?

I'm using a udl for my connection. I have two databases namely TK and TK_MCC. TK is for other company and TK_MCC is for the subsidiary company. I used TK database when I created the crystal report. How can I change the connection properties in Crystal Report using vb6 so when I change my udl to TK_MCC it will run properly? I tried using the code below but it doesn't change the connection properties of the crystal report. I'm using this code after I display the report.

Global crxReport As CRAXDRT.Report

With crxReport.Database.Tables

For intCount = 1 To .Count
.Item(intCount).ConnectionProperties.Item("Data Source") = sServer
.Item(intCount).ConnectionProperties.Item("Initial Catalog") = sDBName_
.Item(intCount).ConnectionProperties.Item("User Id") = sUserName
.Item(intCount).ConnectionProperties.Item("password") = sPassword

End With

How can I do it without creating a new crystal report just for TK_MCC?

Thank you very much.
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