[commercial] SafeSquid 4.2.1 Released

SafeSquid 4.2.1 is focused on improvisations in logs, and handling of forwarded requests.

# Until SafeSquid 4.2.0 SafeSquid needed a restart when the logfiles reached 2GB size.From 4.2.1 this limitation is removed.

# The Native log will now record the application of "profiles".

# A unique record identifier will now be printed with every line of extended log, to prevent duplication of records when imported into SQL databases.

# Prior to 4.2.1, the time spent by the user on an HTTPS / SSL session was not recorded in the Access Log. From 4.2.1 the CONNECT requests will be appropriately logged.

# New variables for use in Custom Templates and External Parsers, are being introduced.

SafeSquid 4.2.1 and later versions would be -

# compatible to systems running 64bit operating systems

# easily installable on all Linux distros, without the inconvenience of locating and fixing the ssl libraries.

To know more about SafeSquid 4.2.1, please visit the link - http://www.safesquid.com/html/viewtopic.php?p=8069
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