How can my application's graph manager can get EC_COMPLETE

Hi All,

I am building an live streaming application. for this I am writing Sender and Receiver filter. so that Sender filter will work as render filter on server and Receiver filter will act as source filter on client machine.
Now I am facing some problem...
suppose i have unplugged network cable in this case I want to get notification of EC_COMPLETE or EC_ABORT from my application graph manager.but i am not able to get.
what i did
I have derived my Inputpin class of Senderfilter by CRenderedInputPin.
I have overrided Receive and EndofStream functions.
now in Receive function if i am getting any sockety error (in case network is unplugged) then i am returning S_FALSE;

Please suggest me what can I do so that I can get notification to my application which is using this filter.

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